Hope For Sydney

Living on Faith.....Looking for a Miracle

Sydney, Rooney and Dravet Syndorme (SMEI) were featured in this INTERNATIONAL Aviation Magazine.

This article brought a NICE donation to Angel Flights! Thanks!

FYI - I received a letter from Angel Flight International today saying that they had received a sizeable donation in my name.

 AvFuel is a vendor who supplies fuel to Aero-Tech.  AvFuel is a national fuel supplier.  They donated “sizeable” fuel to Angel Flight after reading my article in the magazine.  I don’t know what this means or how the donation is used but I thought it was cool.  Perhaps the article did some good to raise the awareness of Angel Flight among the pilot population.

 Arlynn McMahon

Training Centers Manager

Aero-Tech, Inc.


Arlynn is Sydney's Aunt, Dina's sister.