Hope For Sydney

Living on Faith.....Looking for a Miracle

Dina and Dr. Dravet in California 2003. (Dr. Dravet lives in Paris) She is the sweetest and most compassionate doctor you could ever meet. She has dedicated her entire life to the study of the syndrome which was named after her.

I was honored to present Dr. Dravet with a scrapbook of "Dravet Kids" from all over the world. She never had children, she considers all "Dravet Kids" like her own.

A hug to remember!

Sydney and Dr. Dravet in St. Paul, 2006


This is a large poster which was presented to Dr. Dravet at the international conference in 2006. Sydney is scetched on the top left side. We were VERY honored for her to be on the poster!


Sydney and Dr. Laux in Chicago. Dravet families come from all over the United States to see Dr. Laux, we are lucky to only be 6 hours away. We stay at the Ronald McDonald house when we are in Chicago. It is such a great opportunity for us!

Dr. Guerrini was a wealth of information at the "Not another Moment Lost" Epilepsy Conference in CA. He came from Italy.